Adelaide Stars Football Philosophy



Adelaide Stars Football Academy endorses and believes in a style of football which is based on technique and ball mastery. World football success has always been based on these attributes above the purely physical.

Brazil (5 times World Cup winners), Germany (4 World Cups), Italy (4 World Cups) are a testament to this philosophy of football. Our objective is to create a positive learning environment which is safe and fun. By creating this environment it will enable  our players the greatest opportunity to enjoy the game and  strive to reach their full playing potential.


  • Adelaide Stars Football Academy playing and coaching philosophy

  • Promote a pro-active possession style football and holistic training concept and methodology ;

  • Always encourage the passing of the football as opposed to kicking it long; Begin our play from the defense, who are encouraged to start the attacks;

  • Use a short passing game, with longer passes only when appropriate and as the exception rather than the rule;

  • Encourage technique and skill, and reward these throughout our Academy;

  • Focus on the long term development of young footballers, as opposed to a short term results based focus;

  • Encourage flair, creativity and improvisation on the football pitch. Encourage positional and team system variations to develop well rounded footballers.

  • Encourage players to make decisions for themselves as this is a key tool for learning, ( avoid being a PlayStation coach/ parent who controls his/her players movements with constant instructions.

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